4g63 turbo

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4g63 turbo

Featured Products from our Supporting Vendors. Activity Feed DSMtuners. Join the Community! Chat with others, create a build thread, post questions and answers. Get involved! Logging in will also remove many of the advertisements, along with this notice. Apr 29, 1. Where are you all at? I see people on here all the time that have turbo charged there non turbo 1g as i have done. Yet we don't have a thread to discuss our trials and tribulation, what setups work how your tuning, what boost what timing?

I know we like to think we do stuff the same as the turbo guys, but sometimes i run into weird stuff that is only a problem on a car that was turbocharged after the fact!

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Buy at ExtremePSI. Apr 29, 2. Sounds similar to the setup I had on my car when I converted to turbo. Did you install a turbo oil pan for a return line? What kind of weird stuff have you ran into? I made whp on my converted motor. I was running cc's, walbro2g mass air, 2. Eventually after that motor crankwalked I rebuilt it entirely again 6bolt turbo motor and sold the car.

Apr 30, 3. Pretty simple. I could do these all day long, pretty much without a hicup. Also, I tune with Link, so it's pretty simple. Apr 30, 4. I pulled my non-turbo engine out along with the ECU and wiring harness. Forget running 10 psi.

My setup is in my profile. Apr 30, 5.

4G63 on 112psi of BOOST - Fastest 4 Cylinder in the World!

I have run 28 psi on a b16g with supporting mods. Apr 30, 6. Apr 30, 7. Sorry for the fuzzy pics i took them with my cell. May 10, 8.Also See for 4g63 Workshop manual - pages. Page of 68 Go. Table of Contents. Engine Mitsubishi 4G1 Service Manual pages. For removal of the engine from the vehicle, installation of the engine in the vehicle, and on-vehicle inspection and service of the engine, please use the separate Workshop Manuals prepared for the vehicle.

PCV valve gasket Never remove the timing belt with any piston at Oil filler cap the top dead center TDC. Use the special tool Sprocket stopper MD if the sprocket is stuck and hard to MD to prevent the counterbalancer shaft remove.

4g63 turbo

Remove thoroughly the old sealant remaining on the indicated bolt and in its hole. MD or equivalent Page 20 NOTE: Degreasing is necessary to prevent lack of Specified sealant: frictional coefficient between the mating surfaces. Mitsubishi Genuine Part No. Make sure that the tensioner "B" center is positioned as shown in the drawing relative to the AK mounting bolt center.

Prevent the counterbalancer shaft from rotating in Degrease Big chamfered side the same method as in the removal procedure. Timing marks AK 2.

4g63 turbo

Install the auto-tensioner in position. Leave the wire installed until the auto-tensioner is completely installed. Turn the intake camshaft sprocket diameter of 8 mm through the plug hole. If it counterclockwise to bring the timing mark on it can be inserted 60 mm or more, the sprocket one sprocket tooth away from the mating timing is in the correct phase.

MD Crankshaft sprocket AK Install the special tool Set screw MD and turn down the tool until the wire inserted in the Check that the wire inserted in the auto-tensioner 2.

Cracks in back rubber surface.

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If the 3. Measure the extension length of the rod. If it is not within the standard value range, replace the auto-tensioner. Check the auto-tensioner for leaks from the sealed sections.

O-ring 1. Check that the fuel pressure regulator turns smoothly.

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Apply a thin coat of engine oil to a new O-ring. Hand tighten all the exhaust manifold mounting nuts. It does not require Mitsubishi Genuine Part No. MD or coating with sealant before installation. Apply sealant to the indicated threads of the engine coolant temperature gauge unit. The bearing caps No. Page Inspection Standard value: indicated surface of the camshaft position sensor Intake: Exhaust: MD or Intake: In the last installment, the Galant received a front-mount intercooler, high-flow cat and a new mass air unit.

Power increased modestly, even using the stock turbo. While it would be possible to make hp to the wheels or more with the stock unit, Doug's Dynopower DDP decided to install the upgraded turbo.

The TDg, a direct replacement bolt-on, is undoubtedly the most popular and widely used turbo on 4G63 DSMs, whether it be a 1g or 2g vehicle. With a healthy flow rate of cfm at roughly 15 psi, the TDg flows more than cfm more than the standard issue TDb. Its reliability and relatively low cost add to its appeal. The new turbo spools a little slower than stock, but more than makes up for that when engine speeds climb above rpm.

Boost remains constant all the way to redline. The stock unit would start to drop off after rpm. The stock exhaust manifold was ported during the turbo swap to enhance flow. Simply removing some of the casting flaws and restrictions in the collector resulted in improved throttle response as exhaust backpressure back into the cylinder head is reduced. This also helps regain some of the lost spool-up performance.

Anytime a larger turbo is used on the 2. The Galant has a rather small factory fuel pump, similar to that of a 2g Eclipse. Doug's Dynopower installed a Nippendenso upgrade unit that required a little modification to fit. The upside is the pump is known to support up to hp at the wheels, which is DDP's goal with this car.

On this car, we spanned to rpm in rpm increments, which provides the aforementioned eight fuel tuning points. Having used this style of meter for many years, Doug's Dynopower reports it is very reliable and easy to read at a glance. No swirly or circular faceplates with colors that don't show up during the day.

Just a simple bar graph with three different colors of lights, and incremented in terms of the actual air fuel ratio in relation to stoich, On a turbo engine, Doug's Dynopower tends to aim for a ratio of Alternatively, using a standard voltmeter attached to the engine's O2 sensor, roughly.

With pump gas as suspect as it is these days, richer is safer. Its ease of adjustment, ability to hold boost levels rock solid and its budget-friendly price were prime attractions. Once dialed in, one turn of the adjuster really does increase the boost one psi. It doesn't get much more straightforward than that. Most notable was the increase in the torque curve. Boost steadied at 16 psi all the way to redline.

Peak power checked in at The data was used to tweak the AFC on the second dyno pull. This was accomplished by upping the fuel by 5 percent at each rpm increment from to rpm. Power bumped up to Adding fuel in this range smoothed out power delivery. The extra fuel in the upper range was a safety measure to guard against detonation. It never hurts to run slightly rich.

Bringing the Turbo XS boost controller into the picture increased pressure from 16 psi to 19 psi. Even though the O2 voltage was still in the. They could be partially clogged or dirty.Skip to main content Parts for Engine 4G In Stock. Excellent Product. Add to cart. Only 19 left in stock - order soon. Paul, Minnesota United States. Looks good and good quality. Easy to put on. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. Good product and quick shipping.

Only 13 left in stock - order soon. Just what I needed and arrived quickly. Only 15 left in stock - order soon. However it does work it is not made for it, with that being said only one bolt will bolt it down to the head. Remember to wear eye-protection. When used with my lifetime warranty Ridgid drill gun it works so much faster. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Fits perfectly and brings pop to my motor.

In stock. This thing is sick! I just threw it on my evo 9. It bolted on perfectly, it looks good and works like it's supposed to. Worked just as it should. Put in between gears and it held them there. Only 20 left in stock - order soon.

Got a ton of compliments after I installed this. Had to do some slight modifications but it looks excellent. Gates TRB1 Belt. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Damn near bulletproof.

This thing was holding most of my engine together when I wrecked and none of the teeth were even gone. All metal gasket. Not what I expected but works just as good. Cheap and everything fit how it should.

4g63 turbo

There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime.The concept is pretty simple. You want drive your vehicle's rear wheels with your favorite Mitsubishi engine. From here, things can get much more complicated. What will you need to buy? Will you need to move the engine?

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What transmission will you use? How will you run the water pipes, intercooler pipes, fuel linesetc? This is the bulk of what we discuss on Project Zero G.

Our members' answers to these questions have evolved over the years as we've experimented on our own swaps. Is there a right way? Not yet, but the prefered recipe is always evolving. The costs of doing the swap are shrinking every year thanks to this discussion making rear wheel drive 4G63 swaps even more enticing. Over the years members of the site have contributed a great deal of information making swaps easier, cleaner, cheaper, faster, more reliable, and more fun.

The goal of Project Zero G is not to do a single motor swap, but to form a community of people who want to. The intelligent and free thinking atmosphere has also helped spread information on head conversions, hybridization, and cross brand compatibility making it a great source of information for "wrong wheel drive" Mitsubishi tuners as well.

Join the discussion in the forums! There are some basic things we must think about before doing a 4G63 swap. First, you may want to read up on the "Sirius" family of motors sometimes refered to as "4G6x" on here.

This will help you to gain an understanding of what options you have when selecting parts and budgeting your swap. There are several variations of 4G6x motors depending on the model and year so be sure to be specific. It is also helpful to understand what parts are interchangable.

There are some wonderful combinations that you can make simply by separating the part's purpose from its application. This doesn't need to follow makes, models or engine families even. Some examples: Mazda Pickup truck bellhousings can be used to put an RX7 transmission behind a wideblock 4G6x. GSXR motorcycle coils don't care if they're on a motorcycle engine or a 4G63 automobile engine as long as you give them the correct signal.

Most information on the site refers to swapping a 4G6x into a Starion or Conquest, but most concepts can be used for swapping into any vehicle. Choosing a Strategy The very first step is to determine what you want and what you've got to work with.

Do you just happen to have a 4G63 laying around, and a Conquest with a cracked head and figured What the heck?

4g63 turbo

This is how many people start. This is fine, but other things must be considered before jumping in. Do you have the tools, time and money to see this through?

This swap may look simple at first, but the beauty is in the details. While it is easy to think "I want this motor. What transmission bolts up? For this reason, please read through the whole site before you make up your mind. If things are still unclear, feel free to ask any of us a question on the forum.

Mitsubishi Evo 4-9 4G63 Garrett T3 Turbo Kit

Mitsubishi were the first to build a RWD 4G63 car. Thank goodness. This supplies us with a few basic ingredients to make the swap easier for people swapping into the various other RWD Mitsubishis.For this installment Doug's Dynopower wasted no time in focusing on the cylinder head which had escaped unscathed so far. A ported unit, complete with stainless-steel valves and stout internals, is an excellent way to maximize the efficiency of the turbo's boost.

Once Doug's Dynopower removed the stock head, the crew was amazed with the virtually perfect stock ports; no severe mismatches between the valve seats and pockets as most production heads have. At any rate, another head was ported and fitted with heavy-duty stainless valves from Supertech Performance, Inc.

The Supertech valves are black nitrided for increased durability and less friction. The valve's seat surface is hardened as well-a much-welcomed attribute with today's fuels. From a performance standpoint, the valve's undercut stems let more air pass the valve even at low-lift or low engine speeds, which means more potential down low in the powerband.

A fresh set of Crower valve springs and retainers round out the valvetrain combination. Sometimes engine builders get carried away with hogging out large ports and fitting oversized valves in a cylinder head. The result is a race head that may produce big numbers on the flow bench, but won't perform on the street in the real world. The head, turbo and cam are a team and need to deliver the goods at a usable engine speed.

For a street-use 4G63 engine, new stock-size valves, a set of fresh springs, mild port work and a set of cams like the Crowers produce a head package capable of supporting upwards of hp.

A side note, the Venom sheetmetal intake helps tremendously from rpm on up. While the use of an aftermarket intake on a 4G63 is always in dispute; on this application the Venom unit is very effective. A loss of low-end torque is miniscule when compared with the mid- and top-end gains made with the straight-runner intake. This reiterates the importance of supporting mods and we should add the intake manifold to the aforementioned list of turbo, head and cam.

Topping the 4G63 with a built head netted roughly 20 whp when ran at the same boost level. Boost built faster and much more smoothly. The engine revved to rpm very quickly in any gear. Distinctly different was how the engine seemed to make the same power as before with psi less boost.

The gains from the head and valves would be even more noticeable at higher boost levels. Driving the Galant on the street and dropping the hammer at mid-range in the powerband causes the car to spin all four tires at psi-quite a sight to behold.

Doug's Dynopower says it worked great, probably the best sized unit for a street vehicle that can also handle up to 25 psi for the track on race fuel. The Garrett GT model flows 55 lbs of air. To complement the new turbo, Doug's Dynopower also used a Tial 46mm external wastegate. The Tial unit is beautiful, perhaps the last external wastegate an enthusiast will ever need to purchase. It can handle up to hp in flow.

The turbo system upgrade is completed with a Tial 50mm blow off valve. Doug's Dynopower reports the turbo comes on so smooth and strong and doesn't stop pulling until rpm, and even then, it's still making excellent power. Although peak torque numbers are decreasing as horsepower numbers increase, the engine's broad torque range is still substantial.

Output only increased 10 horses at peak with the GT turbo at the same boost level, but this increase is over a rpm span. The old turbo had little lag; this unit has no lag.

Add in the increased durability of a true ball bearing design and the GT is a worthwhile investment. Having used the old turbo on a few other cars and made hp at the wheels at psi, Doug's Dynopower hopes the GT will make hp at the same or slightly higher boost levels.

Tuning has been relatively straightforward, so far, although the injectors are pretty much beyond their capacity with duty cycles at percent.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together.

So you want more power out of your 4G63t? Make sure you learn a few things before making some common "noob" mistakes.

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Mitsubishi Sirius engine

Related Articles. Replace all worn belts, including the timing belt and balance shaft belt. If they break, you'll be paying for a cylinder head rebuild not cheap. Check the compression, do a leak-down test, check your ignition timing, etc. Basically, do all of the checks that your repair manual tells you to do - you do have a repair manual already, don't you? If not, pick one up now before moving forward with any modifications.

Once you've gotten all of the necessary maintenance out of the way, you can start with the modifications. We've broken it down into two common stages to help you achieve your goals gradually.

Parts for Engine 4G63

Before you start shopping for big turbos, intakes and headers, read our article on the common mistakes and misconceptions by newbie and read the staged upgrade paths to the right. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Big turbos - not a good first mod. You can not add a larger turbo to your system without adding several other parts first.

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